The Bundy Clock Challenge

It’s time to Bundy on!

Young whippersnappers won’t know what the hell we’re on about but they will on Saturday afternoon/evening at the Fling this year.

We’re dragging out the old Bundy Clock (Bundanoon-Bundy-Bundy Clock…..get it?) and you get to smash out a 1km lap of fast singletrack at the Event Centre,  and we get to see who goes fast, faster, fastest…

Turn up any time between 3pm to 3.45pm and 5pm to 7pm, pay a gold coin donation (to Save the Children of course) and off you go. You clock on at the Bundy Clock to start the clock and clock off on the Bundy Clock to stop it.

Your lap will be timed by Lord Bundy and his team.

You can have as many goes as you like (as long as you donate each time) and everyone who has a go is in the draw for a couple of decent prizes.

Also Fastest Man and Fastest Woman will win $200.