The Highland Fling


The Highland Fling is one of Australia’s longest running, most iconic, and we’d like to think most loved mountain bike marathon races; enticing countless thousands of riders since 2005 to take on the challenge, often year after year.

After all these years, we’re planning that 2017 will also be The Final Fling.

We’re excited to announce that The Final Fling will also be a major fundraiser for Save the Children Australia, raising funds to support the superb work they do for children and families around the world.

In announcing the partnership, Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia, had this to say:

‘Save the Children Australia is very excited to be the charity partner of The Highland Fling mountain bike marathon. The funds we receive from the event will support our work in Australia and overseas, giving children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

We’re delighted to continue our extremely close relationship with Huw Kingston, founder of Wild Horizons – the organisation behind The Highland Fling. Huw is an Ambassador for Save the Children Australia and our largest ever individual fundraiser, so we are very pleased that he has seen fit to add another layer to this relationship.’

By taking part you’re already helping us bring the fundraising to life. If you’re keen to do a bit more, we’ve also set up a fundraising page that you can join to do your own personal fundraising by asking family, friends and colleagues to support your Fling challenge. Or if you’re not participating but want to help make a difference, you can make a donation below too.



The Highland Fling. It’s always been more than just a race.

A true mountain bike journey
A true mountain bike journey

It’s been a journey.

A journey along narrow country lanes, and through lush private farmlands. A journey fording rivers, and plunging into stunning fern gullies. A journey that snakes through some of Australia’s most renowned flowing singletrack, and winds across rocky, technical terrain. A journey that rewards riders for conquering climbs with scenic views, and leaves riders with a euphoric sense of achievement.

Stunning singletrack through Wingello State Forest
Stunning singletrack through Wingello State Forest

With four event distances to choose from: Some Fling (approx. 23km), Half Fling (approx. 55km), Full Fling (approx. 110km) or 100Mile Fling (160km) there’s a journey for everyone.