Highland Fling



  • SOME FLING $65 (JUNIOR $55)
  • HALF FLING $120 (JUNIOR $70)
  • FULL FLING $150
  • 100MILE FLING $190

Your entry includes the fee to race in a professionally organised event, contributions to local community groups, entertainment, an end-of-race meal, giveaways for every rider and the chance to take home great cash and product prizes.


Wild Horizons is covered by its own public liability insurance. You do not need to be a member of a club or organisation or have a day licence to compete in the event. You are responsible for your own Personal Injury Insurance and Ambulance Cover.

Cancellations and Entry Changes

Cancellations can be made up to 5pm on Friday 21 October 2016 when a refund (less 20% administration fee) will be made. Any cancellations after that date will not be considered for a refund. Should the event have to be cancelled for any reason and is unable to be rescheduled, entry fees are non-refundable. If the event is rescheduled and you are unable to attend your entry fee is non-refundable.

To effect a cancellation where you are eligible for a partial refund you should email us at cancellations@wildhorizons.com.au and any applicable refund will be credited to you.

Changes to entries may be made up until 3pm on Monday 7 November 2016. Please note that no changes can be made to your entry details after this date and time.

Any competitor upgrading their entry will be required to pay the difference. Competitors downgrading their entry will not be refunded the difference in entry fee.

To effect an entry change you should email us at entries@wilhorizons.com.au with the details of your entry change.

Waiver and Indemnity

All entrants must read the waiver and indemnity in detail. By taking part in this event, you agree to accept the terms totally and without question.

Read Waiver ENTER HERE