Rolloff rules

Rolloff World Championships

  1. Frames must be single seat 26in, 27.5in or 29in mountain bike frame and wheels
  2. No additional weight to be applied to the bike in any way including to the wheels/tyres either externally or internally
  3. No additional weighting (including backpacks) can be applied to the body beyond clothing/footwear considered reasonable for the conditions at the time
  4. The minimum tyre diameter is 2.0 inches
  5. Chains must be ‘dropped off’ the front chainwheel so that they can play no part in the propulsion of the bike
  6. The only form of propulsion allowed at the start is from a push from the foot on the ground. The other foot must sit flat on a pedal at the pushoff
  7. Standing up on the pedals is not allowed at any time
  8. No form of rider propulsion after the start is allowed. This includes pumping, wheel wiggling or any other method.
  9. Both wheels must remain in contact with the road surface at all times
  10. The body must remain on or in front of the saddle at all times including at the start
  11. Outside assistance in any form is not permitted
  12. An Australian Standards approved cycling helmet must be worn during any Rolloff competition
  13. Riders must not interfere with the progress of any other rider during a Rolloff competiton
  14. Drafting any other rider is not permitted
  15. Riders must be aged 14 years or older.
  16. All protests must be made to the Master of The Rolls (the chief judge) in a polite, non-abusive manner. Abusive protests will not be heard. Protests may be made up to 10 minutes after the final results are posted. The Master of the Rolls has the final decision on all protests
  17. The Master of The Rolls has the right to call off the event either before or during for any reason he sees fit. This can include reasons related to the safety of riders or members of the public
  18. Any action deemed against the spirit of the event may result in disqualification. The Master of The Rolls has the final say in any decision at the event
  19. Ignorance of these rules is not an acceptable defence