Rules and Conditions


Bundy Run Rules & Conditions

These rules may be altered prior to the event.

For safety and to keep the event fair it is necessary to have a number of rules and conditions. They are as follows:

  1. All runners must register in person from 1.00pm-3.00pm on race day. If you do not register in person, within the allotted time, you cannot race.
  2. All runners must attend the mandatory Runner Briefing before the race.
  3. Each runner is responsible for their bib. One bib will be provided per runner, and these must not be swapped between competitors!
  4. The bib must be fixed to your top across your belly area. The bib must be horizontal and over the top of your clothing.
  5. Australian road rules apply at all times on public, Park or classified roads.
  6. Runners must keep to the shoulders of the roads and not impede vehicles.
  7. Runners must give way to all vehicle traffic they may encounter.
  8. Only runners registered in the race or course marshals may run on the race course?.
  9. Runners are only eligible for a place in the category in which they start the race.
  10. Half Marathon runners will complete 2 laps of the course. Quarter Marathon runners will complete one lap of the course. 6km runners will complete a shortened version of the course.
  11. All runners completing the race must pass across the timing mat in order to have their time recorded.
  12. Runners who fail to complete the course must advise a marshal/race official at the earliest opportunity.
  13. Runners can accept assistance on the course by any registered racer, but outside assistance is permitted only for medical injuries.
  14. Runners can only accept food and drink from other runners currently in the race or race officials except for food and drinks at the designated stations.
  15. Each racer must have or be carrying the following whilst racing: suitable footwear, hydration receptacle (hydration pack/ bottle) for use at feed station, race bib.
  16. Runners must clearly display their bib at all times whilst racing.
  17. Profane or abusive language, or unsportsmanlike behaviour is grounds for disqualification of any runner
  18. Failing to complete the whole course, taking shortcuts or using any unfair means of obtaining an advantage over other competitors shall result in the runner being pulled out of the race and recorded as a DQ. It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed.
  19. Runners wishing to pass other runners while on narrow sections of trail are to announce their intention by saying ‘coming through’ or similar. Where the trail drops away runners should pass on the down hill side. Runners being overtaken should yield, if necessary, at the earliest safe opportunity.
  20. Competitors who are walking any section should give way at all times to those running. They should attempt to walk on the less desirable portion of the trail.
  21. All protests must be made to a race official in a polite, non-abusive manner. Abusive protests will not be heard. Protests may be made up to 15 minutes after the final results are posted. The Event Director has the final decision on all protests.
  22. In the event of injury or accident, runners must stop to assist an injured runner, prevent others from entering the accident zone, and inform a race official of the incident at the earliest opportunity.
  23. If you stop to give assistance for a health or safety reason, you may report this to a race official and let them know the reason and the duration of your stop. A time adjustment may be made.
  24. Please do not leave any rubbish out on the track. Anyone found doing so will be disqualified.
  25. The Event Director has the right to call off the race either before or during for any reason he sees fit. This can include reasons related to the safety of runners or members of the public.
  26. If the race is called off after it has begun, as soon as you have been notified by a race official you are no longer under race conditions and are responsible for getting yourself back to the Start/ Finish safely.
  27. Any action deemed against the spirit of the event may result in disqualification. The Event Director has the final say in any decision at the Event.
  28. Runners racing as someone else (eg swapping entries or bibs) are subject to disqualification.
  29. The minimum ages for runners (taken as the age on 30th June) are: 12 – The Teaser, 16 – Quarter Marathon and 18 – Half Marathon
  30. Any runner who is found to have been or is being deliberately paced by another runner from a different category, who is known to them will be subject to disqualification following a review of sportsmanship. Pacing is defined as having a stronger runner setting the pace and who may be providing assistance by way of drafting, provision of food/drink etc. On course checks may be carried out to ascertain such activity that is against the spirit of the race.
  31. The wearing of iPods or other music players with headphones is not permitted. This is for two reasons. a/for your safety and so that you don’t hold up faster runners who may be approaching from behind on narrow trails; b/ for your safety when on public roads where traffic may approach from behind.
  32. Ignorance of these rules is not an acceptable defence.