2016 Results

2016 Men’s Podium – Half Marathon

(1st) – Russell Dessaix-Chin (2nd) – Rhett Gibson (3rd) – Jeremy Fowler

2016 Women’s Podium – Half Marathon

(1st) – Sally Towse (2nd) – Shannon Jones (3rd) – Sarah Carpenter

2016 Men’s Podium – Quarter Marathon

(1st) – Kurt Warn  (2nd) – James Mason  (3rd) – Jacob Grooby

2016 Women’s Podium – Quarter Marathon

(1st) – Olivia Stutchbury (2nd) – Mel Sidney (3rd) – Ariane Desbiens

2016 Men’s Podium – Teaser

(1st) – Nelson Santos (2nd) – Damien Cahill (3rd) – Bentley Walker-Broose

2016 Women’s Podium – Teaser

(1st) – Claire Raynor (2nd) – Carmen Jeffrey (3rd) Melissa Brotherson-Clarke

Results for the Pearl iZUMi Bundy Run are available on the Precision Timing Website

If you have any corrections or questions please email us at results@wildhorizons.com.au.

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Marathon Photos were at the Event and took thousands of photos of everyone. Don’t forget to check yours out!