2016 Results

2016 Elite Men’s Full Fling Podium
(1st) – Brendan Johnston, (2nd) – Cameron Ivory, (3rd) – Michael Potter

2016 Elite Women’s Full Fling Podium

(1st) – Peta Mullens, (2nd) – Briony Mattocks, (3rd) – Lucy Bechtel

2016 Men’s Half Fling Podium

(1st) – Matthew Dinham (2nd) – Callum Carson (3rd) – Lewis Cressy

2016 Women’s Half Fling Podium

(1st) – Emma Viotto (2nd) – Charlotte Culver (3rd) – Laura Wilson

2016 Men’s Some Fling Podium

(1st) – Ian Watts (2nd) – Dylan George (3rd) – Zac George

2016 Women’s Some Fling Podium

(1st) – Verity Evans (2nd) – Maizy Evans (3rd) – Renee Skelly

2016 Men’s 100Mile Podium

(1st) – Ed McDonald (2nd) – Max Richardson (3rd) – Stephen Tomczyk

2016 Women’s 100Mile Podium

(1st) – Charlie McCabe (2nd) – Courtney Shinn

Results for the Highland Fling are available on the Precision Timing Website

If you have any corrections or questions please email us at results@wildhorizons.com.au.

Read the event wrap here.


Marathon Photos were at the Event and took thousands of photos of everyone – don’t forget to check yours out.