It’s a mere six weeks to go until the 13th and Final Fling (insert wailing, gnashing of teeth…) so we hope you’ve got your entry in, your accommodation booked, and that your training plan is on track.

If you haven’t done any of the above things yet, it’s not too late! Jump online to register, check out our accommodation section (you might be lucky!) and then get on your bike and start pedalling. If you haven’t booked your entry yet you can do it here.



The Final Fling is a fundraiser for Save the Children Australia. Your entry alone is a great way to support this fundraising initiative but you help make even more of a difference by starting your own fundraising campaign.

It’s soooo easy. Set up your page here and then ask your family, friends and colleagues to make a donation. It might just be the incentive you need to do that Full Fling you’d always promised yourself you would, or that first and last Fling!

Just a reminder that thanks to our generous Sponsor World Expeditions we’ve got an amazing prize on offer for our highest fundraiser who will get to choose one of two holidays (see conditions here):

1.Cycle the Backroads of Yangshou (11 days; 8 days cycling; value AUD $2490)

2.Trek the Great Wall of China (8 days; 5 days trekking; value AUD$2190)


Here it is! Your commemorative FINAL FLING jersey and tee!

The 2017 Final Fling It’s Time to Split Jersey
Your 2017 Final Fling T-Shirt

Showing off our 2017 theme ‘It’s time to split’ and taking a look back at Fling’s past. How many have you done?

You can purchase your jersey ($100) and tee ($35) when you register. If you’ve already registered and want to add it on, you can do that by going back into your online entry here.

We’d love to see everyone in his or her Final Fling jersey on Sunday – plus be sure to wear your favourite retro Fling jersey or tee on the Saturday too!


Saturday afternoon will see the 2017 Rolloff World Championships at 5pm. We are anticipating a fierce battle between previous World Champs to claim final bragging rights, so be sure to join in the fun by taking a roll down the new Ferndale Event Centre course, or lining the strip to cheer everyone on.

Not sure what a Rolloff is? Be sure to check it out here.

Also, don’t forget this year our always-popular and hotly contested Kid’s Fling (for kids aged 5 – 12) will be held on Saturday afternoon (not Sunday as in previous years).

Registration for the Kid’s Fling is on the day at Ferndale Event Centre from 3:15pm with racing commencing at 4pm.

Look forward to seeing all your mini shredders there!

How long does tyre sealant last before it needs topping up? How long is a piece of string Factors such as temperature, how you ride, and how often you ride can have a big effect.

Orange Seal have come up with a system that allows you to check how much sealant you have left, and a simple no-mess method of topping up the sealant without unseating the tyre bead. The sealant comes in a 4oz (1 tyre) or 8oz (2 tyre) bottle with a dipstick and hose connections. All you need to do is rotate the wheel so the valve is in the 12 o’clock position, deflate the tyre and then rotate back to the 6 o’clock position before removing the value core. Take the dipstick from the bottle and insert into the value to measure how much sealant is in the tyre. If you need to top up, connect the hose to the bottle and value, squeeze in as much sealant as you need and remove. Then install the valve core and re-inflate the tyre. This process is even easier if the wheel or bike is hanging. 

It’s important to note we don’t recommend mixing brand sealants, as this can cause a chemical reaction. 



4 – 11 February 2018

NZ is well known as an MTB and adventure mecca, and it’s been a while since we’ve run a tour there, so we are really excited to announce we’ve teamed up with good friends Haka Tours to bring you some of the best singletrack on offer. Sweet!

Check out all the details and book your place here.


12 May – 1 June 2018

Don’t miss this incredible three-week tour that starts in Rome and finishes in the MTB town of Riva Del Garda. That’s 800km of fine riding, scenic countryside, food, wine and company.

“The route the tour took showcased the spectacular scenery of Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna and the might of the Dolomites. Great riding, terrific people and spectacular country made for a totally unique opportunity to experience Italy.”                          Catherine, Canberra

Check out all the details and book your place here.


Not able to get away on your own epic expedition? Keep your spirit of adventure intact with Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea by Huw Kingston.

A travel journal of Huw’s year circumnavigating the Mediterranean by human power – sea kayak, mountain bike, foot and row boat – this is a story that shares a fantastic mix of the frustrations and challenges, as well as the humorous situations and inspiring human warmth of the journey. You can grab your copy here.