2015 Results

2015 Results

2015 Mens Podium – Half Marathon

(1st) – Raymond Wareham (2nd) – Scott Martin (3rd) – Ben Lyons

2015 Womens Podium – Half Marathon

(1st) – Kathie Dent (2nd) – Lisa Eggins (3rd) – Shannon Jones

2015 Mens Podium – Quarter Marathon

(1st) – Antoine Burbaud (2nd) – Charlie Nowacki  (3rd) – Chris Boyan

2015 Womens Podium – Quarter Marathon

(1st) – Jennifer Cabasson (2nd) – Grace Crane (3rd) – Britta Weller

2015 Mens Podium – Teaser

(1st) – Ainsley Telfor (2nd) – Joeseph Hotchin (3rd) – Michael Park

2015 Womens Podium – Teaser

(1st) – Sian Hurley (2nd) – Pressie Getachew (3rd) Antonia Leah

Results for the Pearl iZUMi Bundy Run are available on the Precision Timing Website

If you have any corrections or questions please email us at results@wildhorizons.com.au.

Read the full event wrap-up here.


Marathon Photos were at the Event and took thousands of photos of everyone. If you want to find the pics of you head over to their website and enter your raceplate number.